refugee camp

Wallpaper 2009

Digital print

Hanging on the wall is his latest work. A further length of wallpaper, this time printed with motifs related to migration, called Refugee camp. “I am interested in how we here in ‘Fortress Europe’ deal with news items from the rest of the world where conditions are far less agreeable than they are here.” Without doubt, a somewhat unusual theme for a wallpaper design, but this is precisely what appealed to von Waldow. “Wallpaper is normally associated with domesticity, the home and a settled lifestyle.” For some years now, Wolf von Waldow has increasingly focused his work on wallpaper designs which allow him to express a glaring clash between form and content, visual look and message. It is because “they have one foot planted in everyday life. Besides, as an artistic form they truly intervene in space.”

Carsten Bauhaus: "Der Tapezierer" in: Männer, 9/2010