Biography and artistic development

1962 born in Hamburg
1984-86 studied art history at Hamburg University
1985-92 studied industrial design at the HfBK (Academy of Fine Arts), Hamburg
1987 3-month period of study in Rome
1988-90 studied jewellery design as a guest student at the Fachhochschule für Gestaltung (College of Design), Pforzheim
  produced the series Conventional Jewellery, of which one object was serially produced by the firm Best Friends
1991 5-month period of study in Amsterdam; produced Fretworks I – Genital ornaments for men
1992-96 Being beautiful – Fretworks II – Table centrepieces
1993 employed as a draughtsman in various architectural offices in Hamburg
1994 project leader for creative design in the AWO-Zentrum Dosse-Park in Wittstock in Brandenburg (working with disabled people)
1995 awarded 15th “Arbeitsstipendium für bildende Künstler” (artist maintenance grant) by the Hamburg Ministry of Arts; has been a freelance artist since 1995
  Newly Opened Emblematick Cabinet – drawings
1996 etchings
  training in various skills as a craftsman (wood marquetry, scagliola marbling)
  film documenting Fretworks I for the TV programme “Wa(h)re Liebe” (VOX) presented by Ernie Reinhardt
  established archive of gift wrapping paper for the Hamburg company Waltraut Bethge
1997-99 The Amber Room – wall objects
1998 illustrations, icons and logos for multimedia applications for the DGB-Bildungswerk (German trades union college)
1999 1st prize in the “Kunst am Bau” competition (Art on buildings) awarded by the SAGA municipal housing association in Hamburg: floor mosaic at Talstrasse 71; supervision of construction work
seit 2000 editions of laser-cut stainless steel objects (to be continued)
2002 lecturer for the history of advertising at the Design Academy Berlin
  further education courses on fostering creativity for staff of various welfare organizations
2003 “art in buildings” project for the newly completed Hotel Le Royal Meridien Hamburg, commissioned by the Volksfürsorge collection (swimming pool, bar, glass design, miniatures)
  represents Germany at the 2nd Jilin Artfair of Wood Sculpture in China
  Epitaph – large-format, emblematic fretwork piece
seit 2003 represented by Galerie Ruth Sachse, Hamburg
2004 metal sculptures
since 2005 private “art in buildings” commissions in Berlin
2007 2nd prize in competition for a new design of the underground station Tierpark Hagenbeck (Hagenbeck zoo), Hamburg
since 2007 large two-dimensional ornaments, wallpaper
  joins the BBK Berlin (professional organization of artists)
2008 wallpaper designs commissioned by the griffelkunst association, Hamburg
2010 competition school canteen, Bölsche-Schule, Berlin
  redesign café Bierhimmel, Berlin
2011 series Competitions
2013 ayor – art project on a roof terrace, Berlin
2015 art project at the staircase of Ländernotarkasse, Leipzig
2016 1st price Art on buildings competition schoolsportscenter Kniprodestraße, Berlin
  Invitation „Process Space Art Festival“, Russe, Bulgaria.
2017 Invitation art festival “Ad ognuno la sua p ́arte” Villatalla, Liguria.
2018 Entrance doors for a new apartment building at Erfurt
  1st price competition for front decoration of a new building Alter Markt 13/14, Potsdam