Wall designs for the swimming pool in Hotel Le Royal Meridien Hamburg, for the Volksfürsorge Collection, 2003
2016 destroyed by renovation.

Two corresponding wallworks for the swimming pool in Hotel Le Royal Meridien, one on each of the hall’s two long walls. Stencilled painting and mounted figures (of swimmers, divers, embryos) in polished steel.

The underlying theme of this work is how we take water for granted, represented by references to the two extremes between which human life has evolved, from arid deserts (motif: camel; colour: yellow) to icy wastes (motif: polar bear; colour: pale blue). Every shift in their balance poses a threat to life on the entire planet.

Since the work encloses the entire room, the visitor in fact enters inside a work of art. My idea was to turn the pool into an oasis, with the boundaries and threats to life made visible along its horizon.

Die Sammlung des Le Royal Meridien Hamburg kann auch regelmäßig im Rahmen von Führungen besichtigt werden. Bei Interesse wenden Sie sich bitte an die Galerie Ruth Sachse, Hamburg