Three-room apartment

Six interiors

Giclée, 2011
Edition max. 20, signed and numbered


My regular participation in art-for-buildings competitions gave me the idea of consciously adopting the form of an architectural model and using it as a basis for my new works. While bearing an innate spatial reference, they are not explicitly related to any particular project or spatial construction. Consequently, they are situated somewhere between imagined architecture and pictorial representation. Here too, a key component is my preoccupation with surface ornament. The six works in this series match the structure of an average apartment – hall, living room, bedroom, children’s bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

Wolf von Waldow, 2011


tl_files/Bilder/Aktuell/Wohnung/AIT-Cover.jpg Cover AIT 11/2011 using a motiv from Competitions I