Catching clouds

Work on a house wall, Goyatz, Schwielochsee / Spreewald, 2021

Material: aluminum, water jet cut, powder coated
Dimensions: 3,50 x 4,60 m

The work is attached on the side facade of a former farmhouse in a village in a region called Spreewald near Berlin. It forms a counterpart to the design of the opposite south facade of the house, which the clients designed themselves: There, round, planet-like shapes are freely distributed over the gray and white painted wall surface. I took up the idea of ​​the planets, as well as the color scheme.

The title is inspired by a poem by Klaus-Jürgen Langner, Come on, let's catch clouds. Clouds encompass the entire globe as cross-border, changeable structures. They cannot be caught with technical tools. It takes the imagination to jump up into the sea of ​​clouds. Then you can let yourself drift, detached, across all opposites. The work therefore plays with the merging of contradictions, for example the intangible matter of clouds is represented by ropes, which are used for fixation.

References to the specific place Goyatz, as the center of life of the clients, and Berlin, as the urban counterpoint, were expressly desired. So, next to the Berlin TV tower, I picked up local motifs - from the crowned snake heads, with which the gabled houses in the Spreewald are traditionally decorated, to the road network around the Schwielochsee, on which the village is located. The silhouette of the house is easy to recognize in the flower wagon. In addition, the motifs can also be read as allusions to the personal interests of the client.

Wolf von Waldow, 2021

House wall south side, creative starting point