Neue Heimat – Kleintierställe (New home – small animal barns)

Installation at project space "Hühnerhaus Volksdorf"/Hamburg

Installation: 15./16. June 2019
Artist Talk with Dr. Peter Lodermeyer on June 16, 2019

"Hühnerhaus Volksdorf" is a project space for art in a former chicken coop in Hamburg-Volksdorf, which was built in 1939. It is run privately by the artist Edith Sticker.

Stable, tent, roof are shelters, are original forms of habitation. They form places of retreat, but also starting points for exploring the world. In the currant political discourse, however, positively connoted concepts such as shelter and rescue are increasingly discredited and surrounded by an aura of mistrust. The "Hühnerhaus Volksdorf" is dressed like a protective vest in bright orange from the outside. Inside, a colony of small birdhouses spreads, reminiscent in shape of surveillance cameras. They are each individually designed with a front that takes up typical suburban architectural forms as they are found in the neighborhood. The perches stuck out far into the room and are pointed at the end like a lance. The visitor must be careful when entering the room.

The installation was created in the context of Hamburger Architektursommer 2019

Wolf von Waldow, 2019