Flight room

furnishing of a bedroom, Berlin, 2016

Client: privat

Material: Steel, laser cut; Glass, printed; Wood
Fotos: Rolf Kaliske, Ulf Büschleb (Picture 1)

This project is about the modification of a bedroom in a Berlin attic apartment. The basic idea was to create a space that can go both as an extravagant bedroom, but at the same time has the rougher character of a workshop or an open loft.

So it was obvious to use vintage woods - in this case oak beams from an Austrian farmhouse. I structured them using metal elements that were inspired by historic portal and furniture fittings – often provided with figurative representations. The subject of the motives was "dream of flying". And so many details are in personal relation to the client, such as the crane, symbol of Lufthansa, or the cat.

Detached from its purpose here, I have developed independent new groups of works from these motives: Bound (2016) and Masterplan (2019). They are also the basis for my competition project for the Humboldt-Forum in Berlin (2017).

Wolf von Waldow, 2019