Project for new building at Alter Markt 13/14, Potsdam

Client: Wohnungsgenossenschaft „Karl Marx“ Potsdam eG, Potsdam. Architects: vangeisten.marfels architekten

Steel, laser cut, varnished; Stone, 2018, realization 2021

1st price in a competition for the front decoration of a new building at Potsdam, based on a historical structure.

It will be part of the reconstruction of the historic central place at Potsdam, destroyed in 1945. The task was to develop something contemporary for the decorative parts.

Origianly there was a stone figure on the top, showing the goodess Abuntantia tipping down her goods down to the inhabitants of Potsdam, because there had been a big city brand in 1795 just befor erecting the house. So easily she gives comfort to the crying, desperate women on the left, falling on her knees. Over the entrance door a relief showed puttos deleting the fire. A small fragment survived. I will include it in my project.

My basic idea was to invert the position of the two figures. So my project shows what happenes, when a contemporary Abuntantia wastes all her wares without taking care for the distibution at all, wheile there is allready a fire coming up in the frieze…

Realization 2021/22

Wolf von Waldow 2016