Murals in the stairwell of the Ländernotarkasse Leipzig

Steel, painted, varnished; wood, varnished; Leipzig, 2015

The stairwell is located in an Art Nouveau villa of 1907. The main element of the room is a large, lead-glazed window with birds and floral designs from the building time. Occasion of the project was the 25th anniversary of the Ländernotarkasse Leipzig, a pension protection fund for notaries in the former DDR-parts of Germany. The subject of the work should be the tasks of the Ländernotarkasse. I have developed a plant-like emblem, in order to show that it needs concerted action to let fruits grow. Added figures represent further tasks of the fund, including "training", "cost control" or "insurance". The work is initially not perceptible as a whole, but reveals itself gradually, when ascending the stairs. Some motives of the historical window, such as the birds, I take up and lead them around the room.

In addition to this project I started an extensive research about the first owner of the house, Emil Pinkau, and the architect Karl Poser. As part of this, I discovered a series of photos showing the interior in the time it was built. These photos have now been large reproduced and placed on the corresponding places so that presence and history can be experienced and compared with each other. An article about the history has been published in in a jubilee publication for the Ländernotarkasse.  On the first floor of the building now a documentary informs about the first owner and his merits.

Das Ergebnis meiner Forschungen zum Architekten Karl Poser, zum Ansichtskartenhersteller Emil Pinkau sowie zu seiner Firma, der Emil Pinkau & Co AG, habe ich in Beiträgen auf Wikipedia veröffentlicht. Die Monografie des Hauses ist unter dem Titel "Leipzig, Springerstraße 8 – eine Spurensuche" erschienen in: "25 Jahre freiberufliches Notariat in Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt". Otto Schmidt Verlag, Köln, 1. Auflage 2015, ISBN 9783504062224

Rede Dr. Thomas Renner anlässlich der Übergabe 27.09.2015

Artikel Leipziger Volkszeitung 30.09.2015

Article AIT Magazine 6/2016

Staircase Villa Pinkau ca. 1912