Window installation for the club "Bösen Buben" in Berlin, 2022

Böse Buben e.V.
Sachsendam 76-77
10829 Berlin-Schöneberg

Material: Backlit-foil, printed
Dimensions: each 70 x 125 cm, resp. 74 x 100 cm

Fotos: Ulf Büschleb

Under the title "Quickshare" I designed privacy films for the windows of the Berlin club "Böse Buben" in Schöneberg – a gay SM-venue. They can be seen both during the day and, backlit, at night. On the one hand, the aim was to upgrade the shabby facade of the house a little, and on the other hand to offer the neighbors in the surrounding houses, who like to observe the nocturnal activities of their fellow citizens with binoculars, a few stimulating motifs.

Wolf von Waldow, 2022